Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring has sprung!

It finally is starting to feel like Spring!
Now it's time to hit the sidewalks cafes, bars, and night clubs.
Be colourful just to celebrate and welcome spring time upon us, and
I don't only mean to be fashionable with your clothes, but also when
it comes down to those awesome cocktails you can share with friends.
Lets start the evening with fresh cut flowers and a drink called:
Your Heart - It's a very refreshing drink for a party!
Very easy to mix:
2 ounces of Orange juice
3/4 ounces of Dark Rum
3/4 ounces of Southern Comfort
2 tbs of Grenadine
Tonic Water for topping up.
Shake all the ingredients, except the tonic water, together with
ice in the shaker; strain into the highball glass and top up with
tonic water.

It's delicious and your heart will ask for more!

Now...,if you are planning to hit the NYC streets especially on Fridays after a hard week of work and try to forget a little bit of
this financial mess, you can visit a very trendy place called:
Catch22 - that's right! and it's located on 22Nd Street between 5Th
and 6Th Aves:- Take it from me it's a very nice place and have a great weekend with your friends or your loved one.
Always remember to drink responsibly!

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