Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to enjoy fine spirits

Delicate brandies are traditionally enjoyed at room temperature while most white spirits are best enjoyed chilled.
Bottles are best stored on ice or in a refrigerator.
You may also shake the product over ice to chill it down, like vodka
it works well, but might disturb the delicate balance of flavor,
aroma and alcohol content in fine liqueurs and fruit brandies.
You may enjoy these fine specialties straight but they also make a
variety of delicious mixed drinks.
Be creative...., put your imagination to work and cheers!


My blog is all about bars, drinks, special cocktails, and parties.
Whether you're...
a bartender or not, every weekend I will post a recipe for you
so you can try on your own or just go to your favorite bar and order
from your best friend bartender to mix it for you.
I want to share good experiences and alert you about the bad ones.
I will add some scoops on the best places to go and the places you
should stay away.
I hope you like this blog, and feel free to share with me and others
your experiences and of course....,it's ok to write your comments or
criticism, I can take them all, believe me too many years in this
business I've seen and lived some experiences that a lot of people
never heard or dreamed of.
One of these days, to be honest, I might write a book about it, but
for now I will have some fun with my blog and my real mad passion
for drinks...., thank you...., cheers!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What to celebrate?

I have my own opinion and whether you agree with me or not, I am
totally opened for criticism.
I do believe that happy people, rich people, poor people, dysfunctional people, gay, straight, undecided and confused people,
wherever sociable people meet....., they enjoy having a drink.
A drink a day keeps the doctor away! - So I heard many times and
I think it is right. A good cocktail can be better than a cigarrete
and more fun when you share with someone.
Drinking alone can be depressing, but not a sign of depression.
I rather drink among friends, or with total and perfect strangers
at a bar, with family members or with a good companion.
Please everyone, listen up - DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!
Leave the car home, or hire a designated driver!
So here is the answer for the question above:
You don't need a special date, or event to savour a good wine, or
indulging yourself with an exotic cocktail or sipping a Mimosa.
Mixing yourself a drink can be as pleasurable as drinking them when you see how easily and delicious cocktails can be prepared
with just a few ingredients.
All you need is some creativity, and the zest for life!
Cheers....., just because the economy is in shambles, doesn't mean
you cannot have a drink to relax yourself from the daily grind.
I, myself, just started this blog because of the crises out there.
It will give me a channel to brag, to laugh, to chat, and invite others who share at least a little bit of my opinions.

Mad passion 4 drinks

Hello everyone!
Let me start introducing myself first:
My real name is João, and after all these years of my self
imposed exile in this country I've learned a new language
assimilate a new culture and picked up some skills ahead.
I have many friends, got many acquaintances, and admire
a full hand of good people out there....., but there's a twist:
Even though I have conquered a lot....., on the other hand
all of my friends seems a bit troubled for not pronouncing
my name quiet right, and for that reason they all call me
John......,(English 4 João).