Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My blog is all about bars, drinks, special cocktails, and parties.
Whether you're...
a bartender or not, every weekend I will post a recipe for you
so you can try on your own or just go to your favorite bar and order
from your best friend bartender to mix it for you.
I want to share good experiences and alert you about the bad ones.
I will add some scoops on the best places to go and the places you
should stay away.
I hope you like this blog, and feel free to share with me and others
your experiences and of course....,it's ok to write your comments or
criticism, I can take them all, believe me too many years in this
business I've seen and lived some experiences that a lot of people
never heard or dreamed of.
One of these days, to be honest, I might write a book about it, but
for now I will have some fun with my blog and my real mad passion
for drinks...., thank you...., cheers!!!

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