Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's celebrations.

Nothing says "celebrate" quite like a good bottle
of bubbly.
No matter what kind of champagne, sparkling wine
or prosecos, just make sure to dress your best for
the occasion and drink lots of bubbly to celebrate
new beginnings and re commitment to one another or
to yourself.
It's a time of year that many people make resolution
to make a change in their lives.
Party with friends, go out to see the ball drop in
Times Square (if you are in NYC), or just watch on
TV all the celebrations around the world the fire
works, with friends and family or just the two of
you, snuggle together, some popcorn, enjoy a movie
or two, call some other friends or family members
far away, and on the first day of the New Year, go
out to play in the snow or go ice skating.
I wish you all the best throughout this New Year
with lots of hope for a better one a more peace full
one....., and much love and faith in our hearts.
Cheers to new beginnings....,Happy New Year!

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