Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

For those who live in the US...., the biggest holiday of the summer is here.
Happy Fourth of July! - Let the freedom ring!
It's sizzling outside, the humidity is brutal, but we are all out enjoying a cookout, somewhere with friends lots of beers, light cocktails.
So far on the TV we are getting near the end of the World Cup of Soccer in South
Africa and the Tour de France has just started in the Netherlands, the same country
who eliminated "my Brazil"..., the power house of soccer!
I was upset for a little while, but an iced cold beer and some Cape Codders did the
trick and I just moved on.
A Cape Codder is a very American drink, and I think it can compliment the occasion.
The easiest of all cocktails;
Cape Cod:

1 oz or maybe 1 1/2 oz of vodka.....(if you want a little stronger)
Fill it up with cranberry juice
A lime wedge for garnishing.
Cheers! - Have a happy 4Th of July everyone and don't forget the fire works later on!

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